New Project: How Will We Cross the Seas?

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I’m currently in the midst of prepping a new short film called “How Will We Cross the Seas?” for my Production Studio class at the New School. The short is about Jeff and Lynn, a young married couple, and what happens when Jeff leaves for tour on December 20th 2012, leaving Lynn at home with the impending Mayan end of the world looming overhead. The film looks at love, empathy, fear mongering, and dying alone.I’ve made the decision to shoot in 16mm, which is both exciting and scary!

I’ve worked with with the Bolex 16mm on my short “Spader-Man” and absolutely loved the look of it. Digital could never really capture the raw, organic feel that film has (I know those words are really overused, but whatever). What I especially like about film is that it makes you much more prepared. So much more has to go into the preproduction process–a detailed shot list, storyboards, intensive rehearsals with actors–so you don’t end up wasting film (and money).

Currently I’m in the process of casting the two leads and finding a Director of Photography with 16mm experience.

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