Inspiration Music – How Will We Cross the Seas?

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Music is one of the biggest influences on my work. I’ll have the inkling for an idea and then listen to tons of songs that reflect on that idea. Those songs in turn reflect back on to the work.

I’ve made a mix for the actors/crew of my new short How Will We Cross the Seas? These are songs that reflect the mood of the piece and the psyche of the characters.


  1. “Catastrophe” – Rainer Maria (Catastrophe Keeps Us Together)
  2. “Song for Annie’s Harmonica” – Kind of Like Spitting (In the Red)
  3. “Stay Home” – American Football (American Football)
  4. “End of the World” – Mock Orange (Disguised as Ghosts)
  5. “You’ve Escaped” – Aloha (Here Comes Everyone)
  6. “A Solitary Angle on the Confinement of Doom” – Birthmark (The Layer)
  7. “Sysiphean” – Real Good (Is This Good? Demo)
  8. “The Weight of the Straw” – Ida (Lovers Prayers)
  9. “Bed of Pine” – Communipaw (Bed of Pine EP)
  10. “I Beleive” – Owen (Ghost Town)
  11. “I’ll Be There” – Sun Kil Moon (I’ll Be There EP)
  12. “This Day Next Year” – Karate (Unsolved)

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