Too Much of a Good Thing – Post-Production in Indie Film

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An article I wrote for the October 2014 issue of Filmmaker Magazine. Featuring interviews with David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints), Shrihari Sathe (It Felt Like Love), Paul Frank (The To Do List), Andrew Hauser (Wheelhouse Pictures), and Vincent Welch (Joe). Read it at Filmmaker Magazine or below. Too Much of a Good Thing by Shaun ...

On Storytelling in Independent Film

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Richard Brody’s New Yorker article “The Problem with Processed Storytelling” elucidates a number of issues I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, such as: The storytelling doctrines put forth by Hollywood and their perseverance in independent film–what Brody refers to as “processed storytelling”.   The tendency of writer-directors to resort to this kind of processed ...

Lessons from Ramin Bahrani

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Ramin Bahrani (director of Man Push Cart, Chop Shop, Goodbye Solo, and Plastic Bag) held a directing masterclass during the Dorothy H. Hirshon Film Festival at The New School. The professor who organized the event, Sam Ishii-Gonzales, was tasked with choosing five students to take part in the practical directing exercise during the masterclass. Out ...

The Switch to Micro 4/3 (and Super35 Equivalent FOV)

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My camera and lenses were stolen in November 2011. I’ve been saving up some dough to buy a new one. I’m not trying to break the bank, so the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is out of the question. After reading many articles and watching lots of video comparisons, I’m most interested in the Panasonic GH2. When ...

Inspiration Music – How Will We Cross the Seas?

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Music is one of the biggest influences on my work. I’ll have the inkling for an idea and then listen to tons of songs that reflect on that idea. Those songs in turn reflect back on to the work. I’ve made a mix for the actors/crew of my new short How Will We Cross the ...

New Project: How Will We Cross the Seas?

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I’m currently in the midst of prepping a new short film called “How Will We Cross the Seas?” for my Production Studio class at the New School. The short is about Jeff and Lynn, a young married couple, and what happens when Jeff leaves for tour on December 20th 2012, leaving Lynn at home with ...


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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio blog! I will be posting interesting camera and film news, as well as upcoming project updates and insights. Enjoy, Shaun